mercoledì 4 giugno 2014

Next events: Matrix Creativity, June 15th | Creator of Reality, June 29th

Creative Consciousness, Intuitive Painting and Quantum Field

If we want to live our dream 
We need to remember who we really are
And learn to flow with life harmoniously 
so that Life can express itself through us without effort 

Are you ready to allow yourself to become a co-creator of your best creative reality ? 

Matrix Creativity is a creative workshop designed to expand awareness, to learn how to manage reality through creative mindset and how to become active co-creators.  It is an experiential journey that combines two methods, Intuitive Painting ( specific method "The Color of the Soul” created by Marianne Cordier) and Matrix 2 Point (Richard Bartlett, Frank Kinsolw, Martina and Frank Klipbel).

The course is co-led by Art Counselor Marianne Cordier and Monica di Bartolo Trainer Matrix 2 Point.

Matrix 2 Point +  Intuitive Painting "The Color of the Soul" will help you to speed up your inner evolution. The workshop the Matrix Creativity has been designed as an experience to stimulate the Creative Power, to facilitate the process of manifestation and to remove the mechanisms that hinder our right to fulfillment. Starting from the philosophy of Transurfing (Vadim Zeland) and the discoveries of quantum physics, we will work with the Matrix through creative exercises to learn how to use the power of intention to get what we want effortlessly.
Becoming co-creators of your own reality through mindfulness is the ultimate goal of this exciting workshop

L’ Atelier Creatività, Rome
1° workshop: Matrix Creativity
Sunday, June 15th 
9.30 am- 6 pm 

Last places: registration before June 9th  

L’ Atelier Creatività, Rome
2° workshop: Creator of Reality
Sunday June 29 th 
9.30 am- 6 pm 
Last places: registration before June 16th  

We will work with the Universal Quantum Field through creative exercises: 
  • Open the door to inner power and nurture your vision. Intuitive painting is an experience for the soul, a journey of inner discovery and free expression of your creative power. 
  • Turn on your talent and your energy to awake of creative consciousness. 
  • Unleash the power of your authenticity to say yes to the uniqueness of your nature. 
  • Listen to your heart's desires to discover your life unique purpose and the path of your personal evolution through the realization of your inner map.
  • Learn how to raise your own frequency and vibrational sensitivity, learn how to change your thoughts to create your reality.

Info and registration

Address: LAtelier Creatività, Ex-Lanificio Luciani, via di pietralata 157, Rome. Metro B stop Pietralata e autobus 211. 
Marianne Cordier 339 48 54 232

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